Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Places I've been...

Identity with Atheists
 Richard Beck posted some thoughts last week on the life of Therese of Liseux.  I don't come from a tradition that makes much of "saints",  and had never heard of her.  Therese went through an intense crisis of faith during the illness that led to her death.  For her, this led to a deep sense of solidarity and empathy with atheists and those 'outside' the faith.  Something about the way she identified so totally with those "others" was, to me, a beautiful and deeply moving picture of Christ.

Real Stuff
Glenn Hager, over at Communitas Collective, wrote some soul-nourishing words about the messiness of life.  His observation: that the hard places, and the "real stuff" of life is where you find a real God.  Words I needed to hear - again.

Adrian, over at Life before the Bucket, is experimenting with Sabbath-keeping.  That's something I have some thoughts about, and may even post about it myself...  however I think for Adrian and his lovely wife, Kalyn, the exercise is more about finding a rhythm between work and rest - always a good thing! 

Life Before the Bucket is a new blog discovery for me - but really seems a great place to "drop in"!  While you're over there, check out the Drawbridge post - & join in the game!  It's as thought provoking as it is fun!

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