Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Rest-Fest

It's official!  Heady Brew is about to host a Friday blog series on rest!

Although I already have some fantastic contributions, I really think this is a series that shouldn't be rushed.  Hence, one post per week, for as long as the series lasts.  I've picked Fridays, because for most of us, that's the end of the working week, when we start to kick back and relax, and hopefully, when we also have a little more time to think and reflect.

There is already plenty of good stuff to look forward to (& although I am busting to get it all out there, I am determinedly resisting the urge to rush this!)

Here's the plan, so far:

Friday, Feb 17th - Introductory post by ... yours truly!

Friday, Feb 24th - Much anticipated reflection on keeping a Sabbath, by Adrian Waller

Friday, March 2nd - Rest is a state of mind, by my old friend, Ian Metcalfe.  (Loving the fact that Ian decided to contribute - he is a passionate atheist, and I am really honoured to have his viewpoint on this blog.)

Friday March 9, and Friday March 16 (not exactly sure which order) - Some thoughts on Buddhist meditation, by another dear friend of mine, Andrew Cook.  Andrew is not a blogger, but probably should be - and I am really looking forward to his perspective.  (& Andrew, if you're reading this, you're committed now, mate!!)

Biblical rest, or something along those lines, by Josh Miller.  Josh is my youngest sibling.  He's also an (ex?) pentecostal pastor, a theologian, and a deep thinker.  We've had lots of conversations about the place of rest in the Christian faith, and I know his thoughts will be worth sharing. 

And the series is still open.  If you have a perspective you'd like to share - there's still plenty of time, and I'd love to hear from you!  If you'd like to join in the Rest-Fest as a guest blogger, just send me an email:

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    1. Hehe - Adrian, I just wanna say Yayyyy!!! :D I know it will be really worth reading! & Thank you!


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