Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Blowing my Mind!

It's been a while since I posted any thoughts here, and to be honest, things have been so busy with work, etc., that I haven't got a lot of clearly thought out things to say.  However, between bouts of busy bedlam (hehe, sorry!!)  I have been working on a bit of poetry.

The pieces aren't finished, and when they are I am hoping to enter them into a competition or anthology or some such thing... which means I can't share them here, as that would be considered publication.  However I'm attempting to bounce around some really HUUGE ideas, so if you're up for it - I'd like to bounce them around here (sans poetry - which will be a relief, for many of you, I'm sure) and hear your thoughts, dear friends!

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I've been toying with the idea that each human being is a universe... or perhaps, a multiverse?  I mean, think about it.   We think Doctor Who's Tardis is amazing - but WE are far "bigger on the inside" than that!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kerry goes Bolshie!

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I want to have a big, cranky "vent".  I'm letting off steam a bit here, okay - so I'm giving you all fair warning, though I'll try not to be completely detrimental!

I attended church on the weekend.  The little church I have been going to is a lovely little community in so many ways.  There is a "holding loosely" of doctrinal ideas, that allows people of different persuasions to feel welcome.  There's room for discussion, and for difference.  Sometimes it looks pretty "churchified" and other times it looks pretty free and relaxed.  Sometimes, what happens there challenges or softens me and my 'Bolshie' prejudices, and other times, I think I challenge others, in a good way (at least, I hope so - a lot of the time I'm afraid I just look like that spiky, mistrustful "outsider").

Anyway... I turned up on Sunday after a couple of months absence.  It was lovely to see familiar friends.  We sang about Jesus and love.  That was beautiful.  Cathy shared communion, and it was a message of hope and gratitude.  It did my heart good.  There was a baby dedication, where friends and family gathered round and committed to supporting one another to bring up little William (he and I are good mates, in spite of our 46 year age difference) to know God's love.  Then there was a guest speaker.  I kinda think that's when "Church" (in the sense of community built around the love of God - that kind of church) finished.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why is it a big deal?

I glanced over a post in Sojourners this morning, about Christians disagreeing about stuff.  Not exactly new news.  The article made the point that as a community of people, it would be more surprising if we didn't disagree (which I think is true) but the author was concerned that the way we go about it is really the problem.  I guess I agree with that too - at least, that the unloving, point scoring, superior way Christians often go about disagreeing on everything from doctrine to politics to clothing, is problematic.  To put it mildly.  Actually, if you take the words of Jesus seriously, it's a sign that those who behave like this are not actually Christians.  (I'm not kidding - if "they will know them by their love" is true - there are a LOT of very churchy types who are in deep, spiritual trouble!)

But I digress.