Un-Lurk Here! :)

Hehe,  I saw a page like this on another blog, ages ago and thought "what a great idea"!

There's a page I can see behind the scenes here, that tells me people pop in and visit from all kinds of fascinating places.  It's a source of constant wonder to me ... who are you?  What's YOUR story??

I'd love you to introduce yourself here...  So go on be brave!  Leave a comment below, say hello and tell me something about yourself!

You can also contact me via email:  ms.kerrymiller@gmail.com  (I'm a compulsive communicator, and will always answer!)

Or on facebook  (just make sure you let me know you're connecting via the blog... I get lots of friend requests from gamers, which I do tend to ignore, as my "gaming phase" is well past!  ;)

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  1. To start things off, some things you may not know about me...

    I love op-shops. Finding unique, second hand treasures hidden away in dusty corners, that I can actually afford to buy, is one of my favourite pastimes.

    I'm quite tall... 5'10", in fact. And I STILL like to wear heels!

    My big toe is shorter than my second toe. And if that isn't weird enough, I have odd ears. By that, I mean that when ears were handed out, I got two leftovers that don't match. At all.

    Every now and then I love to sing opera. Seriously! My rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro" is... something!

    I've been skydiving.

    I've visited Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Southern India, and China - but STILL haven't seen a lot of Australia, outside my home state of New South Wales.

    Now over to you... :)

  2. I'm Ethan. I'm somewhere between 6 ft and 6 ft 1 inch, but I can't remember exactly what. I don't really wear heels, but hey, I'm glad that Kerry does!

    I've been all over Southeast Asia and the Americas, but never Europe or South America... which I am dying to do!

    I love whitewater rafting. I used to be a whitewater rafting guide, back in the days when I worked at a resort in the Rec department.

    I've got eight brothers and sisters, ranging from ages 29 to 10. I've got two nephews and two neices, and a sister-in-law due just two weeks before my next birthday. I kind of hope she's exactly two weeks late, because then my niece or nephew would share my birthday that I share with my aunt, and all three of us would be second-born kids. I think that'd be neat!

    Oh, what else about me? Oh, so after hearing people go on and on about Tim Tebow, I finally Googled him the other day and found out just who the guy was. I have to admit, Google Images showed me quite a few pictures that left me going, "Wow. Nice." But then I actually started reading articles about his charity work, and then watched a video with him reading Green Eggs and Ham for children's literacy, and I thought, "Aw, crap. Now I'm falling in love with a pixelated celebrity."

    And that should tell you all you need to know about my love life. :)

    Also, I like Kerry. A lot. She's solid gold.

  3. Ohhh!! Somebody actually commented! (I was beginning to despair!)

    Whitewater rafting I've never tried, but something I think I could get into, if I ever had the chance!

    Had to Google your heart-throb... to find out who he is... guess I"m on the wrong side of the globe to have heard much of the "buzz" :)

    & hey, right backatcha with the love!! I'm a bit of a fan of emarkthomas, too!! :D

  4. I have been lurking for a while, but not sure if I'm a lurker or not...Btw, I have only just noticed you have a lurking page, so I thought I would officially lurk, which I think means now I have written something I have lurked, or does it mean, you have been lurked?

    Anyway...I am Craig Bennett. I lived for ages in the Wollondilly Shire area, even went to the same school as Kerry did. Before then, I lived in the Blue Mountains and before then I lived in the Black Town area, and surprise, surprise, we have recently bought a house to live in, in the Black Town area...so I have made the full circuit.

    I'm divorced and remarried. I went through some extreme domestic abuse from the hands of my now ex wife...while suffering some intense disability caused by Viral Encephalitis...which is a fancy term for the flu hitting the nervous system. This happened late 2007 and I am still recovering from it..though I no longer have to use the walking stick.

    I love blogging. And run a number of blogs, and I think its ok to link to them here. My main blog, where I write mainly about theological stuff is called Trinitarian Dance...http://craigbenno1.wordpress.com/

    My other blog, which I rarely visit these days is called Through Hell and Back, and is about the hidden issue of men suffering domestic abuse from their wives / girl friends..and was a safe place for me to write about my pain of abuse without being shut down about it. http://mencanbeabusedtoo.wordpress.com/

    I'm 45, have 2 boys from my previous marriage, been nearly remarried for 2 years now. I am a Bible College student at a Pentecostal Bible college, though I fellowship at a Baptist church.

    While I hope one day to become a pastor / or part of the pastoral staff at a church, I am in the process of writing a book on the Art of Pastoring. I am also a chaplain, love working and getting alongside the homeless and those society would rather look away from.

    I'm also involved with a ministry in the Mt Druitt area and love working with those whom society again look down upon. I love camping, my veg garden, hope to set up a aquaponic veg garden one day.

    1. Craig!!! You have now officially UN-lurked!! :D

      & yes, folks - it's true - We went to the same high school - and at almost the same time! I do remember doing bushwalking as sport at one stage, and hanging out with Craig!

      Thanks for commenting here! I so often wonder when I see the page views and other stats, who has wandered by... it's lovely to meet the person behind at least one of the "statistics"!! (& Craig, I appreciate your comments on different posts, too :)

  5. Hi Kerry. You know me. Not well, but you know me. I've responded to your most recent post.
    My journey of change and growth can't possibly end until I go out feet first. I have too enquiring a mind for that. I'm not sure what or how the marvellous universe was created, however my mind work on the basis of investigation, research and learning. Man has unlocked many of the mysteries of life and the universe through natural curiosity and scientific research. Many more secrets remain to be unlocked, and who knows what lies at the end of that journey about how it came into being. More I'll save to tell you about later, and perhaps put more thoughts here when my head organises them a bit.

  6. Hoorayyy! Another "un-lurker"!! And looking forward to hearing your thoughts, whenever that happens!


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