Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tasty words... I hope!

Here's a little offering, from 4am wakefulness... Hope you like it!

My Garden

Welcome to my garden of words;
Heart-grown and tender.
Full of youth and sap
and vigour
Or ready to seed
And fly on the wind
who knows where...

Sometimes I'm digging
And you'll find me in gumboots
Shovelling stinky stuff
Making a right mess!
But I'm growing something.
And its going to be delicious!

There's plenty to share.
I have a roadside stall
"Free organic goodies"
and you can take some.
There's enough to go around!

And if you like, we'll share a meal
You and me
If you're hungry.
Everyone gets hungry,
Especially the broken
And the healing
And the growing - Oh how they eat!!
And the shamed
And the beautiful
And the leftist
And the righteous
Especially the self-righteous - We
Need plenty feeding up
So we don't shrivel.

And together we'll feast on the Word 
(I call him Jesus, but 
You might know him by other names;
Love, Shalom, Acceptance, hope...
It doesn't matter what you call him.)

And we'll share and talk
Maybe laugh and cry a little
Possibly even squabble
But mostly just get to
Know each other
Until we find, to our surprise
That our words are His Words
And He is here too.

Kerry Miller


  1. sounds fun i want to come to your garden and feast squabble and talk and meet this Jesus you know!


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