Thursday, May 2, 2013

If God isn't love...

I've been wondering whether to continue with the blog, however there's a thought rolling around in my
head that won't let me go, so here I am again!

I've realised something.  There are lots of ideas out there about what "God" is like.  They can't all be right - in fact, (& I guess this ought to be obvious) if we are talking about something as infinite as "God" - none of them can be, really.  I mean - nobody can possibly fit something that large into any kind of human explanation - not in its entirety, anyway.  But that isn't my realisation.

WHAT IF the notion that I hold dearly, that God is Love - and vice versa - is complete nonsense?  (I don't think it is but let's stay with that, for a moment, for argument's sake)   What if God REALLY is a demanding, legalistic, (dare I say, small minded, petty) tyrant, who insists on rigid rules and judges minor details of our lives, with eternal consequences....  (right now I'm looking at that description and wondering how something so petty and narrow could even be called God, but anyway...)

Just say, for a moment, that "God" is really like that!


In that case...

I choose love, anyway.


  1. Yes what if, indeed.

    So lovely to meet you the other week, and share an amazing evening around the Colo Vale dinner table.

    Truly love filled conversations.


    1. Caro! You visited!!! & thank you - it was wonderful to meet and begin to get to know you! (& that is such an encouraging comment! xxx)


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