Sunday, December 4, 2011

Places I've been...

On the subject of covenant relationships (such a rich and meaningful phrase, to me!)  Joy, of Joy in this Journey takes up this subject in the context of church relationships.  I love her perspective!  Find it here (guest post on 'Jesus needs new PR')

On the subject of interpreting scripture...  an interesting perspective from Derek Flood, talking about trajectories of thought and growth of ideas throughout the Bible.  (I love that Derek goes places most of us avoid, because they raise uncomfortable questions.  The one about genocides and infanticides in the Old Testament?  Well he tackles that one here!)

And on the subject of why we all tend to grip and tussle so passionately with our perspectives/ideas/experiences of religion and faith...  A thoughtful insight from Richard Beck, over at Experimental Theology - talking about our "ghosts".



  1. I read Derek Flood's "Trajectory" and find myself in agreement with the sentiments portrayed therein. Nothing in the bible can be taken literally, it is all to be read in a sophisticated, educated manner with due reference to the metaphor of the sacred myths. Thanks for the post Kerry.

  2. Hey, Stu!

    Yes Derek is always worth reading, I find. And frequently makes a LOT of sense to me.

    I think his view of Scripture is far more respectful of the relationship between God and human culture than the literalist, fundamentalist view I was taught.

    Relationships are living, breathing, dynamic things. People and cultures grow and change. If God is indeed living and involved in this, then the story of us and him is a story of growth and change!


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