Monday, December 12, 2011

Between Worlds

That's me, at the moment.  In just about every important way I can think of.

I'm between jobs.
Between relationships.
Between life stages.
Between churches.
Between beliefs.

It's not a bad thing.
But it's uncomfortable.

In spite of that,
I am happy for it.
When our lives are settled "in" something
And everything seems packaged and certain
We miss the fact that life is change,
and we are, in fact, always "between".

And in times like this
It is easier to look outside those "mini-worlds" that I can be in or between... 
And see the bigger reality
That holds me
And will never let me go.


  1. but not in between friends love you xo R

  2. The world is full of change, and it's accelerating
    Knowledge is not known anymore, it's accessed
    Friends are abundant, yet only a few are true
    Morals are challenged, as society diversifies
    Beliefs change, because a new light is shed
    yet in all this, as our world is shaken
    The great shock absorber keeps us in the palm of His hand . MSP

  3. You stand at the edge of in betweens,
    before you is a multiverse of portals
    that changing reality,
    at the limits of normal,
    Will you find your troth?
    Weirder and weirder,
    Past and present merge,
    ahead the future,
    to repeat mistakes
    until we learn,
    you've arrived at the liminal,
    again and again.

    Breathe sister,
    It's no so bad on the other side,
    or the other sidhe,
    welcome the elementals,
    like you would welcome angels.

  4. Thank you, Mark "the Great Shock Absorber" - I like that!! :)

    & Stuart - WOW. I am quite speechless. That is beautiful, and thank you.

  5. Kerry, this is excellent. What a great perspective! I'll stand with you in the in between, even from halfway across the world.

  6. Thank you, Ethan! I'm smiling - & sending you a virtual hug right now!


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