Monday, November 19, 2012

Um... Hello??? (And launching right back in... Belief... and stuff!)

It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what my blog looks like!  Anyone still out there??

Sorry for the long silence. Life has been a bit overwhelming over the last couple of months...  but I think I'm back!! :D

AND... I'm still trying to figure out how to write my "Big, Fat, Jesus Post".  Here is Attempt Mark II.

(If you missed it, and are interested; Attempt Mark I is HERE.  )

I think, perhaps, the best way to begin explaining where I think Jesus fits into the whole cosmic picture, is to talk about what authentic spirituality may or may not be...  because I believe that is what he embodies.  I know that's a BIG statement - but let's start a little smaller - and as always, please add your thoughts to the discussion too!
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So what is "spirituality"?  Seems to me it is an active desire to find and understand both "ultimate reality", and "a better way".  For many people (myself included) this amounts to some kind of "search for God".  However I know many atheists who would also consider themselves spiritual by this definition - and I agree with them.

Religions may have arisen out of our own innate spirituality, but spirituality is NOT a product of religion.  Whether we are simply "higher order mammals with enough evolved intelligence to observe, and therefore question our own existence", or whether we are "eternal souls clothed in physical bodies" - the search for meaning, significance, and even 'transcendence', in some sense, of our own physical reality, is still a profound part of our human experience.

SO...  I'm throwing a question out to all of you now:

Without particular reference to religion  - What insights /glimpses/ intuitions have you had, of "ultimate reality" and/or a "transcendent way"?  

Have there been experiences in your life that were in some way, "profound"?  In what way?  What lessons have you learned along life's way, that seem to be "deep truths" pointing to a "better way"?  

Post your thoughts here in the comments section.  I'm working on a little list of my own (seems it is the season for lists!) - but I think I'll save it for the next post - I want to see what others have to say, first!


  1. I'm still here and have been wondering what was up with you.

    You ask a difficult question. It is hard for me to answer because I was raised in an very intense form of religious belief. There seems to be no way to totally free myself from the impact that had/has on my psyche.

    If you want to speak of my personal intuition, it just seems that as I have lived my life I have felt an awareness of internal pointers to the idea that life is not purposeless but has meaning and teleology, that it is not haphazard and accidental. This would be hard for me to explain, and may even be totally psychological.

    I have a deep sense of conviction that there is an "ultimate reality" that is probably beyond description and even full comprehension at this point in my existence. At the very least, I think we are all small specks of intelligence in what seems to be an enormously larger and more intelligent thought.

  2. DOUG!!!! I could hug you, across the miles, just for still being here!!! :)
    And yes, I can relate to that feeling that there just is "something more". Much as I know the identity and origins of that "something" are up for debate - I can't shake the feeling that it is important.
    Thanks for adding your thoughts! xx

  3. The one lesson I've taken to heart and what I base my spirituality around is on the interconnectedness of all things. And in understanding that interconnectedness we can learn to understand and then love our fellow man (nod to the J man). I agree that questions on meaning and significance are still a profound part of being human but I tend to gravitate towards the celebration and experience of being human. I try not to get too wrapped up on the questions (even though that is the focus of my current posts) and focus more on this mind-blowing experience of simply being.

    Welcome back.
    ~Sam M.~

  4. Hey, Sam!
    Yes - interconnectedness, however you view or explain that, is definitely a big part of "it", and I agree - just "being human" really is mind-blowing!!
    &... it's nice to be back! :)

  5. My best attempt at being spiritual is an equilateral triangle.

    We can visulise in our minds, a perfect equilateral triangle, with 3 equal length sides, 3 equal angles of precisely 60 degrees. It is so perfect, it glows golden.

    This is numinous, because it is perfect. I dont know if other beings can visulise a perfect triangle, i think its a human thing to do.

    Now, when it comes time to draw the "perfect triangle" we get out our straight edge ruler, pencil, little plastic protactor, and draw happily away.

    Now it might look perfect, but i can assure you it isnt. The sides will always be a little longer and different to each other, the angles will be plus or minus 60 degrees. The triangle's perfection is dependent upon the accuracy of the measurements made. It is a human creation, imperfect. We can visualise it perfectly, but we CANNOT describe it, on paper, perfectly.

    That we can at least think of, and aim for, perfection, in geometry, is a spiritual thing.

    1. Stuey!!

      Yes that is quite profound... "spiritual" as the stuff we can conceptualise, above and beyond physical reality... and also as an aspiration towards the ideal - What a great illustration! Thanks for posting:)


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