Wednesday, May 23, 2012

... A Busy Season ...

Well,  things have slowed down here on the blog - on account of becoming VERY busy elsewhere - For those who don't know, when I'm not wasting time online, or doing crazy things to my house and yard, I earn money as a casual relief teacher.  After a very quiet period, the teacher-absentee-season has arrived with a venegeance!  I've been working full-time hours the last couple of weeks, and had to turn down additional offers of work almost every day - it's gone crazy!!  

In spite of a little unaccustomed weariness at the end of each week, this is a very GOOD thing, as the finances were getting alarmingly shabby!  (note to self:  budget better for the quiet season next year!!)

I'm also really enjoying the schools I've been working at... this week I have the WHOLE week with the most delightful bunch of Kindy kids - & I'm really enjoying the change of pace - it's kinda cool having completely different ages and stages from day to day!

So if the blog updates get a little less frequent for a while, or I don't pop up as regularly in the usual cyber-places, it's not because anything's gone wrong - it's all fabulously right!  My teacher-muscles are enjoying the workout, and my bank balance is singing!!   I'll update when I can, and look forward to hanging out more regularly once things slow down again...


  1. Congratulations on your good fortune. But do try to keep in touch when you can.

  2. Thanks, Doug! I was starting to get worried, work was so slow to come in for a while - but looks like I'm going to have plenty both this term and next term - Don't worry, though - I'm not disappearing - just won't be here quite as often :)


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