Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just for fun!

Did I mention how much I'm enjoying being involved with the Southern Highlands Fellowship of Australian Writers??  

We did an exercise on the weekend that was fun... & I was quite pleased with my creation, in the 10 minutes we were given.

SO - Could you, in 10 minutes or so, & just a paragraph or two - explain  WHY a writer would run a red light??

Before you read on and find out what I came up with...  you might like to write an answer yourself!  Go on!  Post it in the comments when you're done!

 Here's my effort:

The muse is such a contrary witch!  Fickle, and elusive as quicksilver... she teases me with glimmers of inspiration, and just as I reach to grasp and form them into words, she spins away laughing, leaving me inarticulate and impotent.

Yet on those rare, perfect days when she charms me and lingers, her beguilements are all-consuming.  She rode with me in the car, today. 

The ride was exhilarating, the conversation tantalising... making all my thwarted attempts to touch her worthwhile.

Fine for absent-mindedly running a red light - $300.
Catching mercury - priceless!

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