Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just because...

I haven't been doing much writing of any kind for a while, but today the muse struck... kind of a random blog entry, but since I enjoyed the place, and the writing of the poem, I thought I'd share :)


Dark and ragged,
Skeletons of drowned trees
Implore manmade banks
Rimmed with highway
And bitumen bike track.

The municipal pumping station
Juts practically
Beside serviceway and infrastructure.

Unappraised of civil engineering
Swans dive
And grebes cluster.
An exultant skim of birds
Mirrors perfectly
In a bowl of liquid sky.

Kerry Miller


  1. I was amused, delighted by civil engineering in a nature poem. Did you know that they have Platypus living in some (clean, filtered) sewer outfalls in Sydney. Amazed me.

  2. NO - I didn't know that!! How amazing!! I grew up in Tahmoor, on 5 acres, bordering on Myrtle Creek. I remember seeing a dead platypus there once... and thinking that the pollution had killed it. They must be hardier than I thought!!
    (& thanks for reading it :)


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