Sunday, October 24, 2010

Politics, Again!

Seems I'm suffering a bit of a dry spell in terms of blog inspiration - however I just read a post by Winn Collier (whose writing I always enjoy) that clearly expresses some of my own very vague mullings, to do with Christians and politics.  So... since I have had so little to say for so long, I shall go where angels fear to tread in the hope of at least stirring up some controversy!!

Find Winn's excellent post on politics and fear here

For me, Winn's post really highlights the true agenda behind a lot of the "Christian" politicking that goes on;  fear that "our place at the centre of the table" may be threatened and that we will lose "(perceived) control" of the political or social agenda.   

Interestingly, the ruckus about changes to "Scripture in Schools" has come up in the news afresh
during the last week.  This may tread on a few toes, but bear with me!  I'm not against Scripture in Schools (just lost half my friends with that statement!) but I also don't think that the privileged status that Christian Scripture has enjoyed in this country to date is really equitable (& there go the other half!!)

Now that I'm completely friendless, let me explain! 

There are two things about the "Kingdom of God" that Jesus talked about, that I think are relevant here.  One - it is about restoring freedom, justice, wholeness, goodness, and basically "the way things should be" to the world.    Two - this happens by restoring our relationship, person by person, with the Creator who made us, and who is actually the one in control - of all of it!!

So - if justice is an identifying feature of God's kingdom, or way of doing things, isn't privileging one cultural group (Christians) at the expense of others really working *against* the values of the kingdom??

AND - If God is *really* God - do you think he actually needs us to fight for our place at the centre of the table??  If He is really in control, what makes us think WE need to be???

Over to you... what do you think??


  1. Hi, Kerry, I think it's really intriguing that we get to have this conversation, via the webisphere, across continents. I wonder what would happen if we who call ourselves Christians were far less concerned about "winning"?

  2. Winn!! Thanks for stopping by :)
    & yes, things might look a lot different - even more... Christ-like?


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