Monday, August 20, 2012

Catching Up...

UN-varnished ME!!  
I had some thoughts about what I might post about next, but given the fact I've been absent for a while, I think perhaps just a little "personal catch-up" might be in order...  I'll get deep and philosophical later!

I'm not sure why I've had so little to write, of late.  There are a few "common-sense" factors.  Work has been very busy, most of the time - and though I'm enjoying it (most days) I do tend to come home "knackered", and without the available brain-space to put anything very coherent together.  However, even on the days when I'm not working, my head hasn't really been in the right space for writing.

I'm also the kind of person who tends to focus intensely on something for a while, then move on to something else.  This blog has been and continues to be a passion of mine, but a few new things have taken precedence of late.  One is that I have taken on the job of "webmaster" for the local group of writers I am a part of, and what time and energy I have had, lately, has gone into trying to redevelop the website (a big challenge, since I have no real web-expertise!), and also into setting up a facebook page for writers  (If you're on facebook, come check it out - we've been having some great fun on there!!)

But beneath it all, for some time now, has been a great sense of fatigue, and a lack of inspiration.  I do suffer intermittently from depression (the little green pill I take each morning helps keep it at bay, but sometimes it still sneaks up on me) and have had issues with fatigue (which I've mentioned before on here) for some years now - and for the past few months, it's been hard to keep on top of everything.  C'est la vie!!  I'm alright, really - I've learned to go easy on myself during times like this, because I know it doesn't last, and I'll get there in the end.  I'm still enjoying teaching, and the facebook interaction has been fun - not too heavy, but still creative!  I think I'm on the upward swing now - and resolved to do some common-sense things like taking better care of my own health (eat healthier, a bit of sensible exercise and ...gulp... perhaps a little less alcohol??)

One of the nicest things to come out of this particular "dry period", though, is the sense that although I have felt disconnected and a little "lost" at times, I still have the sense that the Everlasting has not changed, and I continue to be cradled in the arms of love.  THAT is something I can live on!!


  1. Hi Kerry,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and sharing about your fatigue/depression ~ I struggle with the same. A little different in that i find it easy to post, while much else that's important is tougher and more effortful. But, its not often that people discuss this candidly, and what its like being at unpredictable onset - becalmed at sea waiting for the next winds to come and fill the sails again ~ greatly appreciated your thoughts. btw your picture is fabulous ~ great smile and light!

    Couldn't get my wordpress "name" etc to work... strangely - thus 'anon'

  2. Hey, "Anon"! Thanks for the encouragement - and yes, "becalmed at sea" is an apt description! The wind will return to fill the sails, though - I think I feel a breeze stirring already!! :)

  3. I can understand. I've somewhat lost focus lately, mainly because of personal issues and job fatigue. Anyway, glad to see you are still kicking.

    1. Hey, Doug - Nice to "see" you here - thanks for checking in... I've been keeping up with your posts, too... definitely "still kicking"! :)


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