Sunday, August 15, 2010

House update

After the last post, I thought I should probably add the end of the house-buying saga, just so everyone doesn't wonder whether or not we are currently homeless!

Yes.  The vendors did finally work out their legal tangle and settle - two weeks late.  Ian had taken two weeks off work to do some renovating work and get ready to move in - the settlement happened
the day after he returned to work.  A mite inconvenient!  There were some walls that needed to be pulled down (actually, quite a lot of walls) which Ian and I had planned to do together.  With him back on 12 hour shifts, the job fell to me.  Actually, it was fun!  (Hey, I am not too old to enjoy playing Lara Croft taking on sheets of gyprock with my awesome karate kicks!) but kind of exhausting, too.  So by the time I had played building site supervisor, chief demolisher, and singlehandedly (well, almost) moved a whole household from A to B I was pretty demolished, myself!

BUT - in the midst of all that I had plenty of reasons to feel very loved and blessed.  My mum came, slept in our half empty old house and cleaned from dawn to dusk so that it would be ready for new tenants.  Friends made meals, and volunteered their time to help us get the last moving and cleaning stuff done.  I have to say I felt very loved!  AND now we are finally here!!

The top floor is mostly gutted - Ian has a second lot of holidays (how great that he had accrued too much leave and his company was actually pressing him to take more!) and we will be putting up the new gyprock this week.  We are living "bedsit style" in the bottom floor while the top is being put together a little more.  The house is going to be AWESOME!!!  & we love it here!  At last, we can see the stars at night, enjoy the wildlife and birds, and if we drive or ride to the end of our own road, we go through beautiful bushland to the most amazing vista!  it is joyful to see the dog running in a big yard, and the kids able to just ride their bikes around the village without having to worry about traffic or the safety of the neighbourhood.  We truly are blessed!


  1. Awesome to hear Kerry =). Sounds like a total adventure and your beautiful attitude is an inspiration. I too would have enjoyed some demolition Lara Croft style but don't think I'd look as good as her whilst doing it ;)
    When you talk about the stars and the nature I remember how I really miss the country, might have to come visit one day =P....Take care and enjoy

  2. You and Malakai can come visit anytime, Abs! It would be wonderful to see you!! (PS - when I said "Lara Croft style I just meant being a tough girl doing big kicks - not the looks, so much!!)

  3. Hi Kerry, thanks for your kind comment on my blog and for checking back even though I had been gone for so long! Like you, we also bought a house recently so I can relate to some of the madness that comes with it...



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