Friday, January 22, 2010

Upside-down reality!

This is something old-ish. Some time ago I was challenged by an email a friend sent me. It was all about success and prosperity and living big in the "God Bubble" (my label for all that "ra ra" christian culture!). I'd been reading Jesus' words that morning about being blessed (find them in Matthew 5 - well known as the "Beatitudes"). It prompted me to sit down and paraphrase what I'd read - more as a way to really get my head into it, than anything.

What strikes me, is how opposite Jesus' words are to our consumerist, success-driven way of thinking. It completely dominates our culture, yet I think to most of us (religious or not) Jesus' very
different view sounds like, well... true justice! Anyway, here they are - see what you think:

* Blessed are the not-strong-enough, who don't have what it takes to push their way forward in this world - the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to them.

* Blessed are those who choose not to push themselves into positions of prominence or force their way. The earth is their rightful inheritance.

* Blessed are those who grieve over what has been lost. Their pain will be met by love.

* Blessed are those who passionately long for what is truly good. They will be oh, so satisfied!

* Blessed are those who hold the hearts of others gently, valuing life more than law. Their lives shall be valued.

* Blessed are those who do not deceive themselves or allow false motives to cloud their vision. God will be visible to them.

* Blessed are those who build relationships and heal communities. Their relationship as true sons and daughters of God will be acknowledged.

* Blessed are those who are targeted and mistreated for living the truth. Heaven guards their true citizenship.

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