Friday, May 4, 2012

While I Wasn't Blogging...

OR doing housework, or anything at all responsible...

I wrote THIS!

It's not quiiite  polished (well, new poems usually are not), but I thought I'd share it, anyway :)

I think perhaps I will stick a copy of it on my wall as justification for all the un-done tasks around the house....

House Song

The mellow sunshine warms the tiles
and makes the joists and bearers
creak and shift
and crack the quiet,
softened by domestic hum;
The automated tedium
of appliances.  The fridge
and computer
add their layers.

The clock ticks.
The mixer splishes
in the sink, among the dishes
left from noisy mealtimes.
Done for now.

And all the airy breathiness
and spaces tell me still
with eyes closed
whether doors are open, or the
sash is on the sill

Downstairs, the scrabbling of the cat.
He plays with papers left by that
Boy, who, now at school
has forgotten once again, the rule
of packing homework, games and socks
and on return
will likely drop some more.

Now is the quiet of the day
when chatter and demands
are gone away
yet still are close; familiar
as the walls.  These walls;
these spaces
where love and fights
have both been made
And which have witnessed
loss and gain
tenacity, stupidity
tenderness and pain
and all the rhythms and disharmonies
of domesticity and being.
Familiar now
as breathing.

Outside, birdsong echoes in the spaces.
It lilts the air, ethereal
across the autumn chill.
Nearby, a car has left its drive and turns the corner.
Its purposeful intent throttles, dopples on
down the street,
echoing off to distances unknown, unseen
while currawong and myna calls
echo in from door to walls
and mingling with the silky air
trace and drift ‘round
furnishings and tasks left waiting,
making quiet corners and still surfaces
Softer still

There are jobs to do
and soon the noise of them
will fill the room.
But I am slow
To break the spell of silence
that enfolds me now
and holds me in its soft embrace.
I am myself
Inside this space

Kerry Miller


  1. I love poetry. And how I hate to "break the spell of silence." Some people - even some of those closest to me - don't understand my need and craving for silent solitude. And I've no way to adequately explain it to them.

    1. Doug, Silence and solitude have been so very healing for me, over the last couple of years. So necessary, for finding your "centre", and just for "processing life"!

  2. I don't usually dig poetry, but this was amazing. Keep up the great writing, Kerry! And tap into that poetic side more often! =)

    1. Awww!! *hugs*
      (& I reckon you've got a bit of a poet inside you, Adrian - I've read some of your more reflective prose... :)

  3. Kerry, I think this poem is a great expression of who you are. I bet you found writing it cathartic.
    Keep going with it.

    1. Haha! Rachel, YOU'RE just saying that cos you've been inside my crazy house!! ;)

      Dunno if I'd say it was cathartic exactly, though - I've written some "cathartic" stuff - but wouldn't post it here!!!


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