Sunday, December 25, 2011

With Us

Well I wasn't going to post over Christmas, and honestly, I've been feeling pretty low and uninspired.  However there's been a glimmer of something hopeful and peaceful that I thought I would share.

This has been a bit of a hard Christmas, so far.  (It's Christmas Day here now - I know my US friends still have one sleep to go!)  My extended family gets together on Boxing Day, so this afternoon, as I type, it is quiet and restful.   The kids and I are at my mum's now, having done the "usual" family Christmas morning thing at home, for the first time as a separated couple.  It was a bit rough.  On all of us, I think.  There was a bit of na-na-nastiness re Christmas arrangements yesterday... but it didn't last long.  Mostly it was just a bit awkward and sad.

Like all holidays, really, Christmas can sometimes be very tough.  The fact that we feel it is supposed to be all about love and togetherness just makes the lack of those things, where it exists, an extra raw

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not a Lot to Say.

OK.   This is "the blog post you write when you're not writing a blog post".

I know this is the time of year when lots of people are reflecting on Christmas, and yes, our family is gearing up to spend time together, and I'm looking forward to it.

But more than anything, I find at the moment I am craving space, peace, and time to think.

Maybe the results of that will appear here on the blog.  Maybe they won't.

I love having this space to share ideas and interact - but at the moment, I'm dry.  I really need some solitude, time for reflection, and ... some reconnection with God.  Life's been complicated ( is that a bad thing?  Perhaps not...) and I need to take some time out and just 'process' stuff.

I really hope the Christmas (or holiday - if Christmas is not your thing) season is a wonderful and blessed time for you all...  and perhaps because it's what I'm hoping for myself, I hope the little break from normal day-to-day activities is just what your soul needs!!!


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Judge not..."

I read/watched something incredibly disturbing this morning on ABC online news.

A government "boys home" in Tamworth, NSW, has apparently spawned a generation of heinous killers.  Former inmates have been linked with 35 deaths and an alarming number of Australia's most notorious and depraved criminals, it turns out, spent their teenage years there.

Former inmates (now old men) recount some of the treatment they experienced as a matter of course, during their time at Tamworth.  It's chilling, to the core.  Systematic isolation, rape, torture, starvation...  the effect on those already very troubled kids is incalculable.  Yes, they were already on a criminal trajectory - but even a week of the treatment meted out at Tamworth would be enough to push a healthy individual over the edge.   If you have the stomach to read it, find the article here.

It presents a very different facet to some shocking Australian atrocities.  Here's just one example:  In

Monday, December 12, 2011

Between Worlds

That's me, at the moment.  In just about every important way I can think of.

I'm between jobs.
Between relationships.
Between life stages.
Between churches.
Between beliefs.

It's not a bad thing.
But it's uncomfortable.

In spite of that,
I am happy for it.
When our lives are settled "in" something
And everything seems packaged and certain
We miss the fact that life is change,
and we are, in fact, always "between".

And in times like this
It is easier to look outside those "mini-worlds" that I can be in or between... 
And see the bigger reality
That holds me
And will never let me go.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Places I've been...

On the subject of covenant relationships (such a rich and meaningful phrase, to me!)  Joy, of Joy in this Journey takes up this subject in the context of church relationships.  I love her perspective!  Find it here (guest post on 'Jesus needs new PR')

On the subject of interpreting scripture...  an interesting perspective from Derek Flood, talking about trajectories of thought and growth of ideas throughout the Bible.  (I love that Derek goes places most of us avoid, because they raise uncomfortable questions.  The one about genocides and infanticides in the Old Testament?  Well he tackles that one here!)

And on the subject of why we all tend to grip and tussle so passionately with our perspectives/ideas/experiences of religion and faith...  A thoughtful insight from Richard Beck, over at Experimental Theology - talking about our "ghosts".


Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Beautiful Story

Today I'm just going to share a blog post by a friend.  Ethan has been on a journey of discovery, learning how to be authentically himself, in following Jesus.  I love his insight, and his courage.

He's written the most beautiful allegory about this.  There is just so much in it that resonates with me.  So... enough from me - find it here on Ethan's Blog

& that's all from me!!